What is SETA

The main function of a SETA is to contribute to the raising of skills, to bring skills to the employed, or those wanting to be employed in their sector. They do this by helping to implement the National Skills Development Strategy and ensuring that people learn skills that are needed by employers and communities. There is no value in training people if they cannot use the skills they have learnt. Training and skills development is not just for young people starting their first jobs though it is important for them too! The skills of people already in jobs must also be enhanced.

Training must be to agreed standards, within the National Qualifications Framework wherever possible. It is no good if someone is trained in one province if their qualifications are not recognised in another. It is not ideal for one employer to increase the skills of his or her staff if another employer does not recognise them. All training, wherever it is provided, should be subject to quality control and where appropriate be compared to the best international standards.